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Yabatech students reject ‘sudden’ fee hike by school management

Students at Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Yaba, Lagos State, on Tuesday launched an online protest against the college management’s decision to raise tuition fees.

Philip Efiah, chairman of the school’s Students’ Union Government (SUG), told IFJ that students have noticed the increase on the school’s payment portal over the past week of school. April, without any notice from management.

“Students noticed an increase in the last week of April,” Efiah said.

“For some it was an increment of N10,000 and for some it was more than that. Upon noticing this, we have written to management to review the decision that has been made, which was originally done without our involvement or participation.

“We are still awaiting a response. We have sent a note to all students asking them not to make any payments at this time until the increase has been reviewed,” Efiah said.

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New fees

Aisha Sanni, the clerk of the Senate, also told IFJ that the school management had not yet given an official reason for the sudden increase.

“We contacted the Dean of Student Affairs through a letter, but he only gave a verbal response,” Sanni said.

A letter to the deputy rector of the college
A letter to the deputy rector of the college

Efiah said the institution’s SUG is working to ensure the increase is reviewed.

“After a discussion last night with former leaders and other arms, we have drafted a letter with an ultimatum asking the school to close the payment portal and review the increase within the next 24 hours,” said said Efiah.

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“Additionally, a note has been drafted to be sent to all student platforms urging them to refrain from making payments as we do not support the recent action taken by management.

“Currently the issue is trending on Twitter with students insisting that there should be no raises of any kind because it’s unwarranted. No notice, no dreaded reason for a raise. Moreover, the economic situation in our country at present is not conducive to such a reckless step,” he said.

When the IFJ contacted Balogun Rasheed, the Dean of Student Affairs for comment, he said, “Go talk to SUG. Go ask them.