Worthplaying | ‘The Procession To Calvary’ Brings Pythony Humor To Nintendo Switch And Xbox One Next Week, PS4 Later

The procession to Calvary is a Pythonesque adventure game in which you travel through a richly detailed landscape constructed from hundreds of Renaissance paintings, with works by renowned masters such as Rembrandt, Bosch and Michelangelo carefully cut out and pasted in a crazy montage of ‘invigorating images.

Huzzah! The holy war is over! Your oppressors have been defeated, the churches of the Old God are in ruins, and thousands of innocent people have been murdered! But this is not all good news; the tyrant Heavenly Stone has escaped your clutches, and you have been charged to find him …

A bizarre cast of characters, puzzling puzzles, and implausible storylines ensure the trip is a completely absurd getaway.

Independent publisher Digerati is delighted to confirm the console release dates for the point-and-click Pythonesque adventure, The procession to Calvary. The game launches July 1 on Nintendo Switch and July 2 on Xbox One. A PS4 version will follow very soon after – an exact release date will be confirmed as soon as possible.

The Xbox One version will be available for pre-order with a 10% launch discount starting June 25, and the Xbox and Switch versions will launch at a 10% discount for a limited time.

Main characteristics

  • Point and click: A traditional point-and-click interface, with a ‘coin’ interaction menu and a simple inventory from which you can access your treasured items
  • Renaissance work: Paintings by Rembrandt, Botticelli, Michelangelo and many more come together in a cohesive world
  • Classical music: A soundtrack selected to match the style of the artwork. Enjoy music from composers such as Vivaldi, Bach, and George Frideric Handel
  • Murder optional: Kill everyone who gets in your way and skip the puzzles you don’t like. But be warned; your actions could come back to haunt you …
  • Absurdity: Humor reminiscent of Monty Python. But rest assured, even if some jokes can be ridiculous, the puzzles make perfect sense!

Currently available for PC (Steam), The procession to Calvary arrives on Nintendo Switch on July 1, 2021 and on Xbox One on July 2, followed by PS4 later.

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