School management

VIDEO: “Our school bus was rented by Lubiri High School”

Reports reaching Kossyderrickent indicate that the management of Midland High School finally reacted to student dubbing, lap dancing on a bus during the trip. (Read more here).

Taking to social media, UGAMAN shared a video showing the moment some students were doubling and dancing to their male counterparts on a school bus during the trip.

He wrote: “Okay Midland High School Kampala this is not acceptable! Schools should not encourage this behaviour. Hope @Educ_SportsUg comes out strong against this!”

Taking to social media, Midland High School said their school bus was actually rented by Lubiri High School and also shared the receipt to back up their claims.

Midland High School wrote:

“Midland High School is a school built on a very strong Christian foundation and our students cannot engage in any type of immoral behavior

Please make no mistake, our school bus was rented by Lubiri High School and below is the receipt.”

Video below: