This is why black humor memes are so important

Humor has long been known to help people cope with life. Black humor is how some people get away with it, and black humor memes are just plain funny. Maybe it’s the grinding of my teeth why-I-laughed-at-this humor. Or, sometimes it’s the oh-god-now-I’m going to hell kind of humor, but humor nonetheless. Black humor memes are how some people, who may have seen dark things, get away with it.

Save that shit! (Me me)

Everyone knows what humor is. Most sitcoms on television are humorous. It’s comedy; there to make you laugh. Comedians provide humor in the form of stand-up routines, and some of them can get pretty dark. Have you ever seen Bill Burr, or even Dave Chappelle? They can get VERY dark and they’re not even military. Military humor is often quite dark because of the subject.

When you are surrounded by the machines and ethics of war 24/7, the mind tends to seek light in all this darkness. Sometimes that light is a flickering idiot’s flashlight as he tries to find the tent flap. Sometimes, though… sometimes it’s hellfire, waiting to warm up to laugh at the sick shit that just came out of your boyfriend’s mouth. One of the first sick jokes I remember hearing was in 1986, right after the Challenger disaster: “What does NASA stand for? Need seven more astronauts.

military black humor
Gallows Humor (WE ARE THE MIGHTY)

Another term for black humor is gallows humor. What doesn’t kill you gives you unhealthy coping mechanisms and a dark sense of humor. You have to laugh… or else you will cry. Stop me if you’ve heard it: what do black humor and food have in common? Not everyone understands.

Some studies have even suggested that those who appreciate gallows humor may have higher intelligence levels than those who don’t. If so, I have worked with Mensa level people in my day.

military gallows dark humor sniper memes
Sniper Discussion (

There are some things that cross the line, however, and will not be featured here. The line, however, is arbitrary and varies among individuals. I know some VERY shocking jokes that make me crack every time, but I won’t repeat them again for the sake of my Eternal Soul. I don’t know anyone in the military who doesn’t appreciate at least a little dark humor. It’s almost hard-wired in our brains to find something funny even in the darkest subjects. Whistling in front of the cemetery, so to speak.

black humor meme reapers
Black Humor Reapers (memesmonkey)

When you see something in the news that takes your breath away with its sheer inanity, black humor may be the way to face it. As U.S. military personnel were in Afghanistan aggressively fighting the Taliban and emerging ISIS threats in 2015, other news captivated the eyes of the world.

Bruce Jenner meme
Bruce Jenner – So Courageous (Courtesy of HolyHandGrenadier / IMGUR)

What do you do when your boyfriend dies in your arms and the whole world is praising the Bruce-Caitlyn transition? Laugh, because that’s all you CAN do. Black humor is sometimes the only humor you can stand, and black humor memes are a good way to do it.

The next time someone tells a joke that makes you look around to see who heard it, it’s probably black humor. When you worry about your soul after laughing at something so bad but so funny, you dig that dark humor. If you are laughing then realize no one else is laughing look for that other guy with a smile on his face. He’s probably a veteran too, and he understands why you laugh. Civilians may not get it, but they don’t have to. It’s like food …

military veteran humor memes
Adam Driver knows what’s going on. (Crazytxgrad student,

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