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The committee asks the government to take over the management of the school

Private school violates fee standards

The committee asks the government to take over the management of the school

Posted on Jul 30, 2021 | Author RK News

Srinagar, July 29: The Fee Setting and Regulation Committee (FFRC) on Thursday called on the government of Jammu and Kashmir to take over the management of a private school for serious breaches of standards.

“From the record available to the FFRC, it appears at first glance that the school was not established and is not run to provide education to children, but was established as a source of income,” said FFRC Chairman Justice (Retired) Muzaffar. Hussain Attar said in his 18-page order.

The judge disposed of complaints filed by parents against a school in Srinagar.

According to the order, the principal secretary of the Department of Education has been instructed to appoint an administrator for the school to ensure that the education of the nearly 1,000 students enrolled there does not suffer.

The administrator should ensure that only tuition fees are charged to students while salaries of teaching and non-teaching staff are paid on time. The excess amount realized as commission must be deposited in a separate account.

Complaints against the school included admission fees prohibited by law, inadequate teaching staff and dilapidated classrooms which the FFRC described as “dungeons”.

The school management was also accused of increasing the annual fee from Rs 700 to Rs 6,000 in one go.