Suspect arrested with guns and explosives at UK hospital indicted by grand jury

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – The case against Bryan Carroll is progressing in Fayette County.

He was indicted by a grand jury earlier this month on seven counts, including use of a weapon of mass destruction and a convicted felon in possession of a handgun.

Photo by Bryan Carroll(Fayette Co. Detention Center)

This all stems from his arrest on March 25 in front of the British hospital.

British police said they received intelligence from Versailles police that Carroll was visiting someone in the emergency room and was known to carry guns.

We have surveillance footage showing his arrest.

You can see officers tackling him to the ground as he walks towards his car.

As he struggled with the police, Carroll pulled out of his shirt to reveal a bulletproof vest and a pistol on his hip. Investigators found another handgun on him and four others in his car as well as two guns in his backseat.

They also found four live explosive devices and one non-living device.

The FBI was called to the hospital, they also searched his home for three days but we still haven’t heard if they found anything.

Carroll is still in custody in Fayette County. He is scheduled to face a judge again on Friday morning and we will keep you updated on what is going on inside the courtroom.

Since Carroll’s arrest, the UK hospital has started using metal detectors for all adult patients and visitors entering the emergency department.

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