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Shiv Sena opposes school management asking for parental consent

Goa: Shiv Sena opposes school management seeking parental consent

Panaji, Feb 21 (UNI) Shiv Sena on Monday objected to the management of Goa schools asking for written consent from parents to send their children to offline lessons. ”The Goa Department of Education has decided to start the actual classes from February and a circular to that effect has been issued. The majority of parents decided that the decision to open a school must have been made on the advice of an expert. No parent or parents’ union or political party protested. However, some schools have asked the parents to write a consent letter, according to which full responsibility for the child will rest with the parents,’ Goa Shiv Sena President Jitesh Kamat said in a statement. He said Shiv Sena was opposed to writing a parental consent letter and demanded that the education department take immediate action. ”It’s impossible for parents to come to school and sit down with their children and have them follow the principles of Kovid. Responsibility for the children of the school rests entirely with the management. This type of consent letter has created an atmosphere of concern among parents,” he said. He demanded that the Department of Education issue a circular preventing schools from obtaining consent forms. Schools in Goa started offline mode across the state on Monday after a hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. UNI AKM SHK2155