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SAD Board 1 receives report on Zippel Elementary School programs

After holding meetings in the cafeteria for the past seven months, the SAD 1 school board met in their office on March 16th.

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — After holding meetings in the cafeteria for the past seven months, the SAD 1 school board met in their office on March 16th.

SAD 1 received a presentation on Zippel’s Basic and Recognized Athletic Awards and heard an update on the District’s COVID-19 status.

Principal Chris Hallett of Zippel Elementary School made a presentation to the school board about the things that happened at Zippel.

First, the school set up the Maine STEM room during the pandemic, to give children the opportunity to take a “school excursion” that was still inside the school.

The room features several models and displays about Maine’s history, with activities that help students complete basic science and math lessons, like measuring maple sap that will eventually become syrup.

The idea and creation of the STEM room came from Zippel staff members Melanie Junkins, Christine Blaikie and Mandy Graham.

Hallett also told the board that Zippel would implement a Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) program in Zippel. It is a system of tools and strategies to help set expectations for teaching and behavior within the school.

As part of this program, students must be “respectful, responsible and ready to learn”. The school is having signs made to encourage this behavior, and volume levels will also be posted in different parts of the school.

The creation of this program came from Zippel staff members Brittany Morrison, Melanie Junkins, Wes Lavigne, Kristine White, Lori Hudson, Maeghan Hudson, Tania Baldwin and Chris Hallett.

Hallett ended by giving the board an update on some of the activities the classes are doing around Zippell. To name some of these activities, Nancy Watson’s 4th grade class celebrated Pi Day on March 14, dressing “irrationally” and doing various exercises with real pies.

Christina White’s third graders learned the scientific method and did experiments involving friction. Morrison’s class took a trip to the Près Isle Public Library, learning about the facility and all the services the library offers.

The school board reported that the varsity men’s basketball teams, as well as the varsity hockey team, received the sportsmanship awards for their respective seasons.

The board also reported that on March 7, the high school had a canceled school day due to a power outage. The district is trying to waive that day so it doesn’t have to be made up on the academic calendar.

The next school board meeting will be at 5:30 p.m. on April 13 at the school board office.