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SA School Management EdTech Co d6 targets global growth with venture capital investment

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Willem Kitshoff, CEO of EdTech Group d6, today announced that the cloud-based management platform for schools has received a capital injection of Knife capital, Hlayisani capital and NuState Companies. d6 is currently the most widely used cloud-based school communication and management platform in South Africa and the investment will be mainly used for international expansion and product improvement.

“We are extremely excited about our new investors because of their proven track record and ability to help technology companies grow internationally,” Kitshoff said. “We have a strong market footprint and a technological base and with this new strategic investment support, we are now able to pursue our local and international growth aspirations. “

In 2010, the global investment in the EdTech sector was approximately US $ 500 million. Partly because of the pandemic, the industry boomed in the first half of 2021. US $ 10 billion in EdTech funding was raised in 568 rounds, with experts predicting US $ 150 billion to be invested in the next one. decade (2020-2029).

State of South African School Affairs

Schools today have to administer, organize and manage hundreds of learners of different levels, administering complex programs, and have management teams tasked with large annual budgets and debtor management. Day-to-day administrative requirements include managing all academic matters, planning and managing extramural activities, maintaining facilities and equipment, and building motivation, discipline and commitment. proper functioning of the school. All this while taking care of the accounting, employee payroll, disciplinary proceedings, time off, performance reviews and the all-important communication with parents, neighboring businesses as well as the community at large.

According to Kitshoff, d6 already provides innovative technological solutions developed in South Africa, consisting of a complete solution for communication and facilitation of payments between a school, parents and learners, as well as a system of school administration, curriculum and fully integrated cloud-based funding to more than 2,800 schools in Belgium and abroad.

“The d6 mobile app enables around one million parents to stay up-to-date on school-related issues. Gone are the days of the one-size-fits-all approach, ”adds Kitshoff.

group d6
Willem Kitshoff: CEO of the d6 group

“Chat apps typically used in friendship groups do not provide the sophistication and security required for a school environment. “

A school is a complex organization and a well-run school is the foundation for effective and quality learning. With successful management, communication with parents and their regular involvement are essential for the success of the school. D6 solutions support the school management team by improving organizational processes, dramatically reducing administrative burden while providing community engagement solutions that enable effective communication with parents. “An effective school and better connected parents will improve the overall well-being of the community, but more importantly, ensure well-educated learners. Says Kitshoff.

The investment will allow the Kitshoff family to retain a significant stake in d6, while Knife, Hlayisani and NuState combined will be the majority shareholders.

“Aligning shareholder interests behind a motivated entrepreneurial team is an essential strategic element for value creation and Knife Capital is delighted to partner with these credible investors. We liked that d6 was not dependent on the investment from a cash flow perspective, but the funds will allow them to grow faster. This is a high growth company with an incredible product, recurring revenue and a huge addressable market, ”said Keet van Zyl, co-founder of Knife Capital.

“We were also impressed with the team culture and work ethic. The Kitshoffs and the entire d6 team embody humility, professionalism and a fierce passion for improving education through innovation and technological empowerment, ”said van Zyl. “The d6 solution simplifies the management complexity that is essential for improving education, with a return on investment while improving life. “

Brett Commaille, partner of Hlayisani Capital, says: “In South Africa our per capita spending on education is much higher than in similar countries, but we have some of the worst results in education. We need the funding to be directed wisely. Part of the solution is to invest in platforms and technologies that significantly improve the educational ecosystem to produce quality education for our learners.

“The d6 team’s in-depth understanding of schools’ needs and the challenges they face, combined with exceptional experience in providing solutions to educational organizations, makes them a great company. We believe that d6, through cutting-edge ideas and market-tailored solutions, will propel schools and the EdTech market forward, ”said Commaille.


Knife capital / d6 Transaction

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