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Parents accuse Takshashila school administration of harassment

Ujjain: The management of Takshashila Junior College is reportedly lobbying the students’ parents to collect the fees. The school administration threatens them that the transfer certificate (TC) of their pupils will not be issued and that the fees will not be paid. Parents have been running from pillar to post for more than three months to obtain the CT of their ward.

Pupils in class XII who have passed out from school must be admitted to continue their studies. For that, they need TC but the management does not issue any. More than a dozen parents suffer from the intransigent attitude of the school administration and they expressed their anguish to the media on Tuesday.

Parents told the media that we all paid the fees set by the school administration for the previous session. In June, when these people went to get their children’s TCs, the school administration refused to accept the request.

According to parents Raja Thakur, Asha Shrivastava, Khojema Kaiyawala, Pradeep Sharma, Yogendra Tomar and Ritesh Sugandhi, the school administration asks Rs 9,000 for the last session and Rs 15,000 for the three months of this session for the issuance of the CT. Management says that until the fee is filed, no child TCs will be issued. Parents have repeatedly asked for management but they are not ready to heed their requests. A complaint against the school administration was also filed on June 11 with the tax collector’s office, district education officer and Nanakheda police station, but the administration has so far failed to take no action against the school.

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Posted on: Wednesday Aug 18, 2021 12:31 am IST