School management

Now is the student’s call! – the management of the PSBB school publishes an official note. – Tamil News

PSBB, a famous school in KK nagar, has been all over social media when news of bullying has been revealed by students.

#MeToo activist Chinmayi shared an official notice from the PSBB which reads: “we have zero tolerance for any behavior that negatively affects the physical, emotional and psychological well-being of our students.” The singer mentioned that it is now up to the students to go further Legally.

It is alleged that despite several complaints and petitions, the school management has turned a deaf ear to the ongoing sexual harassment. Students shared a screenshot of the faculty holding half-naked online classes and screenshots of him asking a female student to join him for a movie. This issue surfaced on the internet and went viral when actor and model Kripila An shared the victim’s posts on his Instagram story.

Following her, Chimayi also took to Twitter to support students physically and mentally harassed by Mr Rajagopalan and shed some light on it. Singer and former student of PSBB Vaishnavi has spoken out by sharing her experience where she was morally controlled by the faculty.

Ms. Kanimozhi Karunanidhi who was shaken by this news tweeted saying that she will take necessary action on the management of the school and also on the faculty for its conduct. Many current and former students have now started talking about their traumatic experiences on Twitter and the #PSBB hashtag is currently trending on social media.

Amid this, Chinmayi shared a post today stating that “It is now up to the students to move this forward legally. The screenshots of the man entering an (online) class in his briefcase are appalling. ” Moreover, she also added that YG Madhuvanti has nothing to do with PSBB KKN. His family has its own school.”

Although the official letter from the school management does not seem to apologize for the above allegation. Netizens began pointing fingers at the lethargic behavior of the school management.