NEW: Police in Providence confiscate guns after pursuing suspects on foot in town

Saturday, October 30, 2021

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Police in Providence confiscated firearms in two separate incidents Friday night in which suspects allegedly attempted to evade authorities.

In the first incident, a man who had previously been the victim of a shooting in the city was arrested with a gun – following an “intense fight” with the police.

In the second incident, another apprehension arose after police approached an idling vehicle at the site of a memorial for the 2018 homicides.


First incident

Shortly before 6 p.m. Friday night, police were patrolling the vicinity of the GI Joe convenience store at 445 Smith Street following what they say were repeated incidents of gun-related activity.

Police observed two men in the parking lot “seizing unknown objects in their belt areas” – including JC Black, who was shot at the scene in 2020.

Seeing the police, the two men fled on foot, with the police chasing them.

Black – who was in possession of a gun – reportedly resisted arrest when arrested on Chalkstone Avenue.

Police say Black was given several verbal orders to release his hold on his gun, in what police described as an “intense struggle.”

Police confiscated the gun and arrested Black on several counts. The police were unable to locate the other individual.

Second incident

At around 11:45 p.m. Friday night, police were patrolling South Providence in an attempt to reduce gun violence there.

Police were in the Michigan Avenue area near a 2018 homicide memorial when they noticed a vehicle idling for a long time nearby.

Police said they approached the vehicle and observed two male occupants in the vehicle, including a passenger who leaned over in an apparent effort to hide something.

When the police exited their vehicle to approach the driver’s side window, the driver took off in reverse, eventually climbing a curb, rendering the car disabled.

Police say the driver – later identified as Joshua Salano – fled the scene on foot, crossing the backyards of Michigan Avenue toward Ohio Avenue.

Solano was apprehended in a backyard on Indiana Avenue.

Police said that following the path taken by Solano, they found a “ghost gun” placed among leaves and changes, and a magazine containing live ammunition next to it.

Solano and the passenger of the vehicle Nelson Gonçalves were taken to the central station for reservation.

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