School management

‘Nam Palli, Nam Perumai’ to reorganize school management committees

The Department of School Education launched the “Nam Palli Nam Perumai” (Our School, Our Pride) initiative on Tuesday. It aims to restructure school management committees in public schools.

“While school management committees have been functioning for some time now, we want to improve the system. The involvement of parents and the community as a whole is essential to the proper functioning of schools. We want to raise awareness of the importance of being part of this committee,” said Minister of School Education Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi.

The revamped committee will aim to understand and assess a school’s needs, ensure community involvement and define the steps to be taken to ensure students have access to a quality education.

The SMC will have 20 members and one parent will lead it. Fifty percent of the committee members should be women, and a parent of a child with special needs should serve on the committee as an officer, the minister said.

On March 20, the Department will conduct a widespread exercise in which schools across the state will schedule meetings with parents and members of the public about forming committees. About 52 lakh parents in 37,000 schools are expected to participate, and it would be a milestone, the department said.

Increasing student enrolment, ensuring students continue to attend school, creating an environment conducive to learning and improving infrastructure are some of the areas the committees will focus on and gather information on. They will seek to fill the gaps with solutions that they develop themselves.

On Tuesday at the Anna Centenary Library, Mr. Mahesh Poyyamozhi launched an awareness campaign. As part of this, folk music and dance artists will visit villages over the next two weeks and talk about the importance of an effective school management committee to teachers, parents and the community at large. Cultural performances, posters and a catchy promotional song will be used to convey this message.