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More Institutions Should Use Teno’s Leading School Management App for Smooth Operations

Mumbai, India, April 27, 2022 — ( — Recently, schools have become aware of the benefits of blended learning – a collective term that includes online lessons and assessments on certain days, and offline d other days for students. Such an arrangement allows students to attend lectures at their convenience and enables schools to reduce costs associated with the use of electricity and other resources. To manage blended learning, several institutes in India use specially configured school management mobile apps. Teno, the leading school management application in India, has established itself as an undisputed pioneer in this regard. The Teno app is already used by several institutes and should also be used by education experts in the future.

There are several reasons for this. For example, Teno allows schools to host live online lectures. To this end, teachers can create a timetable dedicated to these lectures. Once lecturers add a certain lecture to their schedule, it is also reflected on the Teno app installed on their students’ mobile phones. Students and teachers will also receive timely reminders and notifications before a lecture begins. In the lesson plan, teachers can also add study notes, books, or reference materials for students to read before or during an online lesson. During ongoing online classes, the app allows teachers to take student attendance. Attendance records are saved on the app.

Teno also allows schools to take tests online. To maintain the integrity quotient of these tests and make them tamper-proof, Teno has partnered with uLearn, an AI-powered digital test monitoring platform. Most importantly, the app can integrate with multiple platforms thanks to its robust API capabilities, so schools can run lessons using platforms like Google Meet or Zoom through the application.

Another reason schools gravitate towards Teno is its simplicity to facilitate communication between teachers and parents of students. Parents and teachers can chat anonymously through the app. Through such communication, parents can receive information about their child’s attendance records, grades, and general conduct during online or offline lessons.

Teno also allows schools to digitally collect fees from parents. In this process, parents can use their payment source to pay their children’s school fees through the app. This will be transferred directly to the school’s bank account. In addition, parents also receive reminders in case of non-payment of fees.

Speaking about the growing importance of the app, Jeenal Ganatra, Sr. Manager – Marketing and Product, Teno, says, “Teno was designed to stimulate a hybrid learning landscape for students and schools. Therefore, the increasing number of leading institutes adopting Teno is not entirely surprising. We will continue to improve the app to make it even better for all parties involved. »