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LAS VEGAS (FOX5) – A new study shows a surprising shift in gun ownership trends in the United States.

In the past two years, almost half of all new gun buyers were women. This is a major change for a clientele long dominated by men.

FOX5 spoke to Tami Nurkin during a gun safety and shooting class about the decision to buy a gun after her home was broken into.

“It was just kind of scared because I never really wanted to have one in the house,” Nurkin explained.

Nurkin enrolled in the Annie Oakley Shooting Program, a course open only to women, to make sure she and her daughter knew how to use the gun safely.

“I don’t feel like I’m being judged. Many of us are newbies. We are not like experts, ”admitted Nurkin.

“I started coming here at the beginning of the year. I just wanted to learn how to shoot a handgun, ”Cheri Watters said. She was given a chance during shooting because she wanted to feel confident about buying and using a gun.

“As a single woman, so I could protect myself if I had to,” Watters explained of her decision to buy a gun.

The weekly Tuesday night class at Clark County Shooting Park for women is hosted by the Nevada Firearms Coalition.

“The average class size is around 12 people, but over the past two weeks we’ve been close to 40,” said Megan Ferrante of the Nevada Firearms Coalition.

The 2021 National Firearms Survey conducted by researchers at Harvard and Northeastern University found that around 3.5 million women first became owners of firearms from January 2019 through April. this year, compared to four million men during the same period.

Researchers and gun shop owners attribute the increase in the number of women buying guns to fears over both the COVID-19 pandemic and protests across the country.

“Women decide it’s something they can do. Something they can be passionate about, ”said Ashley Noel Pruitt, program coach Annie Oakley.

Locally, the statistics are not broken down by gender, but still show a huge increase in the number of guns in Clark County. In September 2019, nearly 80,000 people held an active license to carry concealed weapons. Now that number is close to 95,000, an increase of 15,000 licenses in just two years.

Law enforcement agencies issuing a CCW have up to 120 days to process a permit once a person applies for it. Las Vegas police have said that due to the significant increase in demand this year, it takes almost all the time in most cases.

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