Minecraft streamer Ph1LzA discusses healthy encounter with Technoblade and his father

Ph1LzA and Technoblade are two well-known Minecraft streamers. Both could be called community veterans since they’ve been around for quite some time. They’ve also developed a bond since attending Minecraft Mondays.

Recently, Ph1LzA traveled to the United States to attend a wedding. But he made a pit stop to meet Technoblade in San Francisco. This was well received by the fans as they were delighted to see their favorite streamers meet IRL.

Technoblade was recently diagnosed with cancer, so fans were happy to see him meet an old friend. In a recent stream, Ph1LzA opened up about meeting Technoblade and his father in a park.

Ph1LzA’s healthy encounter with Technoblade melts the Minecraft community

Ph1LzA said he and his wife, Kristin, traveled to San Francisco to meet with Technoblade. During the ride, Ph1LzA checked with Technoblade and the duo decided to meet up in a park. Technoblade was with his father.

Ph1LzA has secured UK based food products for Technoblade. They just hung out and talked for about 2-3 hours. It was a simple meeting of two friends.

Ph1LzA spoke about Technoblade’s father at 1 minute 48 seconds in the video:

“His dad is really funny. You can really tell where he (Technoblade) gets his humor from. He gets it one hundred percent from his dad.”

Ph1LzA also shared the story of Technoblade’s father, speaking of a funny compilation he saw of his son. When meeting his ex-boyfriend, Ph1LzA also expressed how he wanted to kiss Technoblade but abstained due to social distancing restrictions.

During the encounter, Ph1LzA and Technoblade teased fellow Minecraft streamers TommyInnit and WilburSoot via SMS. Technoblade tweeted a photo of Ph1LzA and mentioned the meeting. They also took many photos together, which Ph1LzA decided not to share due to Technoblade’s hidden identity.

Technoblade is a renowned Minecraft YouTuber with over nine million subscribers. Ph1LzA is a notable Minecraft Twitch streamer with 3.7 million followers. They first met at Keemstar’s Minecraft Mondays in 2019.

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