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Kirimara Boys riot after school management allegedly denied them chance to watch Utd vs Liverpool match: The Standard Sports

October 24, 2021 Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo looks dejected after Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah scores his third goal Reuters

Kirimara High School in Nyeri County has been closed indefinitely after students went on a rampage.

It is reported that students have been denied the chance to watch a Premier League clash between Manchester United and Liverpool on Sunday.

According to a police report from the Karatina Police Station, the school principal, Kariuki Muendia, reported the incident on the Event Log (OB) number 55/24/10/2021.

According to information from the event book, the third-year students asked to be allowed to watch the Premier League clash between Manchester United and Liverpool at Old Trafford, which kicked off at 6.30pm on Sunday evening.

The school management informed the students that the hall which was used to watch the match had been converted into a dormitory due to the government increasing enrollment in the school. And also the projector used to broadcast the match was faulty.

The report further states that approximately 20 students began to riot and partly cut off the school’s power supply before continuing to destroy school property.

During the riot, three window panels of dormitories and classrooms were destroyed at an estimated cost of KSh 150,000. Two students were injured and treated.

Out of 937 students, only 406 students remained in school. OCPD zone James Barasa, said the students have been sent home and learning suspended for a week.

Learning will resume next week on Monday.

“We are still carrying out inquiries, but preliminary reports indicate that the third-year students went on a rampage after being refused the football match between Manchester United and Liverpool on Sunday evening,” he said.

The school principal was unavailable for comment.

The Karatina-based school whose motto is “Effort and Discipline for Excellence,” and where its main banner reads God Reigns, is not new to headlines on the same topic.

In 2018, the school was also closed when 23 students were taken to court over allegations of malicious destruction of property, assault and malicious bodily harm.

The students had gone on a rampage demanding to leave the school grounds before two teachers, including deputy headmaster Linus Munga, attempted to calm the situation.

The teacher escaped with some injuries while the vice principal was hospitalized with head injuries.

They denied the charges and were released on cash bond of 100,000 ksh each or bail of 200,000 ksh.