Jeff Lewis shares humorous recovery from cosmetic surgery

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Frozen peas have finally found their use.

Jeff Lewis explained how he was recovering from cosmetic surgery on his Sirius XM show “Jeff Lewis liveAfter working on her lower eyelids.

“It’s a big repositioning,” he explained. “It’s kind of a high-tech procedure. Normally they suck up fat, but that doesn’t require folding the skin or stitching or pulling. They go inside my eyelid, but it doesn’t change the shape of your eye.

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By adding that it gives him “the air rested” and not a “big difference”.

Lewis also shared an adorable but slightly hilarious photo as his daughter Monroe, 4, took care of him by covering him with blankets and stuffed animals as he rested with frozen peas on his face.

“The recovery is going well,” he captioned the message.

By “day 3” of recovery, Lewis was able to go out with sunglasses while still giving off the “Weekend at Bernie’s” vibe.

Jeff Lewis recovering. Photo: @ jljefflewis / Instagram

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The former Bravo star will soon be featured in a new unscripted show for IMDb TV that features “unique home design, celebrity clientele, and never-before-seen design innovation.”

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