If the USGA has a sense of humor, they’ll put Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau together for the US Open

Imagine it, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau in the same opening group at the US Open. We need it. Professional golf eclipses all other events on the planet for two days. Follow him on social networks? Good luck keeping everything straight as it passes over your screen.

This reunification is the gift that the American Golf Association must give us at Torrey Pines for the 121st US Open. Sport is always better when there is skin in the game, and Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau don’t like each other. Not at all. They won’t even pretend. Bad Blood is not a made-for-TV rivalry. No, it’s an old-fashioned quarrel. There is no misstep on what happened in between when their paths crossed at the PGA Championship.

Brooks Koepka doesn’t care

While giving what ended up being an un-broadcast interview to Golf Channel, Brooks Koepka opened up about the round he had just completed. There was the clicking of metal spikes coming from outside the camera, and there were muffled voices. Koepka froze with his eyes closed as Bryson DeChambeau walked by.

In an aside from NSFW, he apologized for losing his train of thought by alluding to something DeChambeau said in passing. When told the clip would be a hit on the production truck, Koepka kept it honest.

“I don’t even care.

Brooks koepka

This is just the latest entry on a long list of dust between the two big winners of the championship. What triggered Koepka is what DeChambeau allegedly said in passing. Koepka had spoken of her difficulty reading the ocean course on Kiawah Island. Many on social media suggest that DeChambeau whispered, “I just have to start on the right line.”

To be fair to Brooks, no one likes a kibitzer.

Bryson DeChambeau has done his part in the climbing

Bryson DeChambeau has made the pandemic an opportunity to strengthen itself. A lot. He drives the ball farther than any other player has ever done. The extra power helped him secure the Masters victory in 2020. That puts him within three of Koepka’s major championship total. Koepka is a two-time winner of the US Open and the PGA Championship.

DeChambeau replied to Koepka’s criticism of his sluggish play, by USA today. There is some truth to the complaint, to be fair. While some players can have their pace timed on a stopwatch, a sundial is often the most suitable device for measuring DeChambeau.

We understood; it’s not weekend duffers that grab and tear. But listening to DeChambeau and his younger brother discuss a plan feels like a nightmare of hearing an advanced calculus class. Koepka tormented DeChambeau. DeChambeau responded. Etc. DeChambeau barked at a fan at the PGA Championship who yelled, “Alright, Brooksy!” after a tee shot.

The regrouping done, if not in paradise, at least in many dreams

Brooks Koepka (far left) and Bryson DeChambeau (second from left) were both smiling during this group photo for the 42nd Ryder Cup in 2018. The relationship has since gone downhill. | Gareth Fuller / PA Images via Getty Images

One person would be the real victim if the USGA granted the wish and matched Bryson DeChambeau and Brooks Koepka for the first two rounds of the US Open. It would be the unfortunate third member of the group. On the other hand, it would be the lowest environment you can imagine on this huge stage.

All eyes in the world would be on the group, but none of them focused on individual-3. No, that would be the Brooks and Bryson Show, and this third wheel would be part of the background scenery. The rest of us, meanwhile, would grab the popcorn and settle in for what could be exciting days.

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