Did you find yourself with a little extra time one day this week, at least when you weren’t Google searching why you couldn’t use your social media apps? You’re not alone:

Top 10 Things That Happened When Facebook & Instagram Crashed.

10. For the first time in five years, you had a real meal with your children that involved eye contact, talking and a semi-general interest in each other’s day.

9. Ironically, 2 million anti-vaccines have spontaneously burned themselves down (used by hundreds of millions of people) to passionately fight “conformism” and “sheep”.

8. For about six hours, the “influencers” took a moment to think and realized, “Oh shit, I wasted my life.

7. Your iPhone sent you a message that said, “Congratulations! Your average screen time is down 825%.

6. Millions of men in their 30s have figured out that they can still do “leg day” at the gym without streaming it live on Facebook.

5. For over six hours in Key West, no one knew what Landon Bradbury was doing.

4. Someone needed a recommendation for the ‘best vegan and kid friendly restaurant on the island’ and didn’t know how to figure it out.

3. You were ultimately the first to learn that a celebrity had passed away, but you had no way of proving it.

2. Someone spotted a snake in their driveway and didn’t know how to identify which species it was. (Note: if you live in the Keys, you already know this is the same rat snake that a thousand other people have posted on)

1. If you were born on October 4th, no one remembered your birthday.

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