Getting Started with Puerto Rican Genealogy: An Introduction to Finding Puerto Rican Documents and Resources

Throughout this presentation, you will learn how to use your personal family histories in conjunction with records from the United States and Puerto Rico to begin building your family tree. Presenter Luis Ariel Rivera will use personal stories, photos and family documents to guide you through this process and teach you tips and tricks to unlock your Puerto Rican genealogy.

Luis Ariel Rivera began his research on his Puerto Rican roots in 2004 and his research covers various cities in Puerto Rico, the French territorial islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique, and Spain (mainly Andalusia and Mallorca). He is a member of SPG (Sociedad Puertorriqueña de Genealogía), NGS (National Genealogical Society), and has completed Boston University’s 15-week genealogical research certificate program. He is currently studying with ProGen study groups and hopes to become a certified genealogist in the near future. You can follow his research at:

This FREE program is co-hosted with the Historical Society of Plainfield / Drake House Museum. Registration is compulsory.

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  1. Department of local history

  2. 908-757-1111 ext 136

  3. [email protected]

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