Full of humor and clichés, a book on Bretons is a hit

He spares no one. By pinning the stingy side of the Bigoudens, the recurrent alcohol consumption of the population or the naivety of Parisian tourists, Fabien Delettres clearly makes the head of Brittany pay. For his first book, this author accustomed to officiating in the shadow of the great French comedians was nevertheless surprised to see his book a hit. Published before the summer, his book Everything is good in Breton has just been reprinted for the third time and should quickly reach 20,000 copies sold. An unpredictable success that this lover of the region finds it difficult to explain. “It’s totally unexpected and I find it hard to understand,” admits the young author who spent his childhood in Guingamp before studying in Arradon, near Vannes, then leaving for Paris.

Halfway between comics, comics and tourist guide, his book humorously sweeps the clichés around Brittany: rotten weather, alcohol, cold water… Everything goes. “It’s completely assumed. If there wasn’t a grain of truth, the cliché wouldn’t be laughing at. I was born here, I grew up here and I am in love with this region. But you have to know how to show self-mockery, ”explains the author. Fabien Delettres, for example, evokes “the dozens of words” used by his mother to talk about rain. “In Paris, you say it’s raining. But in Brittany, we talk to you about drizzle, drizzle, ropes ”, laughs the author. Talkative like never before, he continues. “It’s like when you bathe, you always have to tell everyone. “Beyond laughter, the reader learns a lot about the region over the hundred pages of the book.

Author Fabien Delettres published the book Tout est bon dans le Breton which is a hit in bookstores. – Casa Editions

This success, even its publisher has difficulty in explaining. But at Casa Editions, we rub our hands. “I knew Fabien well and we had this common passion for Brittany. We gave him carte blanche. We knew he was going to turn the book with humor, but we didn’t expect it to go so hard, ”recognizes Jean-Baptiste Gilou. This box, the boss of the publishing house attributes it to two factors: “the general public side, with a schoolboy humor that appeals to the greatest number. But above all to the personality of its author. “He has such knowledge of the area that he takes everyone with him. He is a very nice person, who knows how to make fun of himself ”. The pencil lines of designer Alteau, who notably worked for Le Petit Spirou, also played in this success. A second volume bringing together the two men is already in preparation.

Meeting Cyril Hanouna changed everything

Fabien Delettres has developed his scathing humor alongside big French names in laughter. Little known to the general public, the young Breton first worked alongside Cyril Hanouna when the latter was on the radio. “When I was a student, I hosted a few shows on Océane FM. I quickly saw that this was what I wanted to do with my life ”. The “redneck” then leaves his Brittany to try his luck in Paris and sits down in front of Virgin Radio to nab Hanouna. “What was hard for me was the difference in warmth and simplicity between Brittany and Paris. I thought I was not going to hold on. “Touched by his speech, the one who became the star host of Don’t touch my tv gave him a chance, however. Fabien Delettres is launched.

Since then, the author likes to work in the shadow of Jean-Marie Bigard, Jean-Pierre Foucault, Camille Combal or Ariane Massenet, for whom he writes books and shows. Still in Paris, the Guingampais spends half the week in the capital and the other half in Arradon, his adopted land. “Those who leave, they always want to come back. I had a wonderful childhood here. It is this humility, this generosity that I want to show my son. His ultimate dream would be to make a movie out of it. The brother of his publisher, a certain Thomas Gilou, who notably produced The truth if I lie, could help him here.

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