School management

Formation of school management committee at block level and school management development committee underway

Staff reporter

SDEO, Medziphema Ruby Humtsoe during the training program. (NP)

The formation of the Common School Management Committee (SMC) and School Management and Development Committees (SMDC) at the block level started on March 3 at the CTC hall in Chumukedima.
The training was organized by the District Education Mission Office, Samagra Shiksha, Dimapur.
Delivering a keynote address, SS State Mission Office, Nagaland Mission Deputy Director Liyalo Apon said that over the past two years due to the pandemic, schools have been closed and where learning was hindered, so SMC/SMDC needed to work together. The trainers were divided into six groups covering 11 districts.
In line with the ministry’s “Return to School” order, students have been urged to attend school with proper guidelines.
SDEO Medziphema Ruby Humtsoe in her brief address affirmed that education is an inclusive subject which every citizen is responsible for bringing better education to the younger generation.
Lamenting that enrollment at most schools in the state is not active, he asked the SMC/SMDC to take a keen interest in student enrollment.
Highlights of the program included a training session and an interactive session where doubts and questions were clarified.
Later, a vote of thanks was cast by Samagra Shiksha, Deputy District Coordinator of DEMO Dimapur Freda Angami