School management

Delhi government to take over management of school after complaints of charging ‘extra fees’

After receiving several complaints of arbitrarily charging exorbitant fees, the Delhi government decided to take over the management of the Swami Sivananda Memorial School located in Punjabi Bagh.

Several parents have complained to the state government about school authorities charging students extra fees. Following this, the Delhi government formed a commission of inquiry to investigate the matter.

Inquiry Committee Findings

The committee found that the school management functioned inadequately and incompetently. The results also verified parents’ complaints about being charged additional fees.

The school authority has not provided a reasonable response to the concerns raised by the government. After allowing the management of the school to defend themselves, the Delhi government decided to take over the management of the school under the Delhi School Education Act of 1973.

“After receiving several complaints from parents that school authorities are arbitrarily charging extra fees to students, the Delhi government has decided to take over the management of Swami Shivanand Memorial School located in Punjabi Bagh. school failed its students and requested that they intentionally return to the same grade,” read a statement from the office of the Deputy Chief Minister, ANI reported.

The Secretary General of the Institute defends the management

The Indian Express reported that the school is government funded, meaning it receives a grant that covers 95% of recurrent expenses. The school’s general secretary, Ashok Rao, defended the management, saying that the school did not charge fees to students and that the problem was about voluntary payment by parents. He further stated that the assertions of the institute failing its students are unfounded.

A total of 500 students study at the school, which is run by the nonprofit Swami Sivananda Memorial Institute.

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