School management

Death of a class XII girl: the CPI(M) affirms its solidarity with the school management

Party Secretary of State K. Balakrishnan urges people in the state to disregard BJP’s position on the issue

Communist Party of India (Marxist) Secretary of State K. Balakrishnan affirmed the party’s solidarity with the management and staff of the school, where a class XII girl who died by suicide recently had studied, by calling them out on Friday.

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, he said the school’s management and staff had dedicated their lives to providing education to the poor and downtrodden for more than 150 years and thousands of children had been enlightened by their service.

As the politicization of the girl’s death by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had caused immense stress on the teaching and non-teaching corps, he expressed fears that it could prevent children in the area from benefiting from a quality education.

By sweeping the issue nationally, the BJP had annoyed school authorities, who feared their image would be tarnished across the country, Balakrishnan said. Some of them had even gone so far as to take the decision to end the educational service they offered to the poor and oppressed. “If this happens, who can provide much-needed education for children,” he lamented.

Calling on the people of Tamil Nadu not to pay attention to the BJP on this issue, he urged the Tamil Nadu government to ensure a fair investigation into the cause of the girl’s death. Information such as the mother-in-law treatment meted out to the deceased daughter by her family members should also be probed, he demanded.

While condemning the BJP national leadership for forming a commission to investigate the matter and come up with a report, he refused to compare the BJP’s commission of inquiry to investigative teams formed by advocacy groups. of human rights to investigate cases of rights violations.

“Human rights activists would approach issues without a predetermined mindset. Here, the BJP had already said that the girl ended her life due to religious conversion,” he charged.

Whatever the situation, the right to investigate a crime or incident belongs to the state government, he said and added that the central government or the ruling party in the Center should not put its nose in the exclusive domain of the States.

Expressing his displeasure at the arrest of the 62-year-old director in the case, he said there was no need to arrest someone just because a complaint had been filed against them.

Mr. Balakrishnan urged the government of Tamil Nadu to take strict action against BJP State Chairman K. Annamalai for stoking communal tensions which would damage social harmony in Tamil Nadu.