School programs

High School Programs Offer West Michigan Students a Pathway to Manufacturing Careers

Ahen the new class of students arrived at Northview Next this year, they may have noticed new advanced manufacturing training tools. An alternative school with an enrollment of 35 students that is part of Northview Public Schools, Northview Next is now home to a fabrication lab, with six different machines that provide training in everything […]

School subjects

Match 5 Star Wars characters to the school subjects they would teach

Star Wars is full of unique characters who have niche talents, passions, and are able to communicate effectively with others. Some of these characters are teachers, and those who are not have the potential to be competent educators. As a new school year approaches, it’s worth taking a look at some of these characters and […]

School management

Parents accuse Takshashila school administration of harassment

Ujjain: The management of Takshashila Junior College is reportedly lobbying the students’ parents to collect the fees. The school administration threatens them that the transfer certificate (TC) of their pupils will not be issued and that the fees will not be paid. Parents have been running from pillar to post for more than three months […]